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Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet – Part 2

The most complicated step in training your cat to use the toilet is to measure your toilet seat and purchase a metal mixing bowl of that diameter. If you try to purchase a plastic mixing bowl instead of a metal mixing bowl, the plastic mixing bowl may not be able to bare the weight of your cat. The reason you are buying this bowl is explained next.

Your goal at this point is to get your cat to use the metal bowl as its litter box. This means that once the usual litter box is at the height of the toilet, remove the usual litter box. Put litter into the metal mixing bowl and place it in the toilet. Your cat should now get accustomed to using the mixing bowl as its litter box while it is sitting inside the seat of your toilet.

Teach Your Cat How to Sit on the Toilet

Next, catch your cat when it is about to use the toilet in his new litter bowl. To be effective, this needs to be done as often as possible: when you catch the cat about to use its new litter box, teach it when it should place its feet on the toilet seat. Over time, the cat will learn to squat on the toilet seat instead of standing in the litter bowl. Once your cat has mastered this step, remove the litter bowl. Your cat will now use your toilet.

Never Clean the Litter Box Again!

Although this may seem like a lot of trouble to go through just to teach your cat a neat trick, consider that once your cat is trained, you will never have to clean out the litter box again.

For additional help and advice on training your cat to do things, including using your toilet, contact the Houston veterinarian clinic.

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