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Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet – Part 1

One of the most interesting things that you can ever train your cat to do is to actually use the toilet. As you know, cats will naturally use the litter box, but teaching a cat to use your home toilet is quite a feat that not every cat owner will have the patience for. If you would like to train your cat to use your home toilet, follow these steps.

Leave the Toilet Seat Down

The first thing to do when training your cat to use the toilet is to train yourself to keep the lid down. The cat will need to sit on the toilet seat and it won't be able to get the seat down. It's imperative that you keep your toilet seat down in order for your cat to be able to use your toilet. Consider placing a post-it note above the toilet so that guests will be sure to put the seat down for your cat.

Get Your Cat Used to the Toilet

The next step in training your cat to use the toilet is to get it comfortable with the restroom. Place the cat's litter box on the floor right next to the toilet. Although the cat will be using the litter box at this point, begin leaving the toilet seat down. This will get your cat used to being around the open toilet. Important: Place something, such as a book, under the cat's litter box that raises it about one inch. One of the keys to training your cat to use the toilet is to constantly raise the height of the litter box until it is the height of the toilet. A safe height to raise the litter box is 1-2 inches every day. The cat will gradually get used to jumping up to get into the litter box.

Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet – Part 2

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