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Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture

Cats are notorious for scratching furniture, people, walls, carpet, and anything else they can get their grubby claws on. This is a huge hassle for any cat owner because no one wants their furniture to be scratched up by a cat. Carpet that is clawed by a cat can become unsightly, and couches can end up with tears and loose frays.

Possible Cat Scratching Remedies

One of the most common remedies to this problem is to simply get the cat de-clawed, whereby the cat's claws are surgically removed. This procedure can be performed by the Houston veterinarian clinic. The Houston vet will be sure to anesthetize your cat so that it feels as little pain as possible, but cats who are de-clawed do inevitably feel some pain, if only when the anesthesia wears off.

Due to the pain that de-clawing does cause cats, many cat owners prefer to take other, easier and more cost-effective steps to reducing and even eliminating cat-furniture scratching.

Alternative Remedies to Cat Scratching

The first step to stopping your cat from clawing at the furniture is to give the cat an alternative. Scratching posts are great tools that cats can scratch rather than your furniture. Scratching posts can be purchased from a store or even from the Houston veterinarian clinic, or they can be built. Building a scratching post is as simple as nailing a small post to a flat piece of wood, then nailing some extra carpet to the post. This won't look as nice as a scratching post that you would find in a store, of course, and many cat owners choose to purchase their scratching post from their Houston veterinarian clinic for this reason.

If you do get your cat a scratching post, place the cats paws on the post so that it understands that it is okay to scratch this (as if it ever asked for permission before). At any rate, the cat will find the scratching post a great place to scratch.

The next step to stop your cat from scratching on furniture is to redirect it to the scratching post when you see it scratching the furniture. Simple pick the cat up and take it to the scratching post and place its paws on it. Soon your cat should learn that it is not okay to scratch the furniture, and it is okay to scratch the scratching post.

Where to Get Help

If you have trouble training your cat to stop scratching your furniture, contact your "Houston veterinarian clinic." They will be able to help by providing additional advice.

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