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Southern Flying Squirrel

The Southern Flying Squirrel, or American Flying Squirrel, is the most common pet squirrel in the United States. They are very small animals, measuring only 3-4 inches in length, and are a popular pocket pet.

Flying squirrels are very shy and timid at first. However, they will warm up to the owner and become very affectionate. It is important to wean them from their mother at the correct time to make a smooth transition for the squirrel.

Their technical scientific name is Glaucomys volans, and they are mostly found in the Eastern United States. Flying squirrels are known to inhabit Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The squirrels have a 4 inch tail which is nearly the size of their body and weigh 3 ounces when fully grown. They are known to “fly” using flaps of skin between their forefeet and hind feet which assist in gliding from different tree branches. The squirrels have silky fur and a thick undercoat. Their fur is mainly a combination of red, gray, and beige, which results in coloring that is grayish red or rusty-brown with a lighter belly.

The squirrels are nocturnal and will sleep in hollow trees during the day. At night, they will be active searching for food. In the wild, the squirrels eat insects, nuts, fruits, and bird eggs. Flying squirrels have 20 regular teeth. As they are rodents, they have incisors which continually grow, so it is necessary for them to chew to wear the teeth down.

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