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Selecting the right cat litter box

Selecting the right cat litter box may seem like such a simple decision when you first think about it, but the truth is that many aspects need to be taken into account when doing this. Your cat litter box is going to be for a certain cat or possibly even a certain group of cats, in a certain home with certain needs.

Storage Options

If your cat litter box is going to be out in the open, then you'll want to be sure that the odor from the cat litter box is contained as much as possible. This can be done by buying a little box that has a lid and is contained like a small home. These large litter boxes often come with filters on top that can be changed out frequently. The filter allows there to be a small hole in the top of the litter box so that air can pass through, making it possible for cats to breath while they are inside the litter box. However, this air does need to be filtered to restrain the odor, and that's what the filter does. If you choose one of these types of litter boxes, be sure that you change out the filters often to keep the odor at bay.

Reducing Odor

If your "cat's litter box" is going to be tucked away somewhere that people don't travel often, you may be able to get away with buying a litter box that does not have a top, and is completely open. These are the litter boxes that will have the worst odors. It is also possible to view the cat while it is using the litter box, which some owners (and cats!) do not appreciate. In addition, cats are prone to kick litter out of these boxes while covering up their stool, which can be very frustrating to the owner.

Be sure that the size of your cat's new litter box fits where you want to put it. If it is to go into a tight space, it may even be necessary to measure the dimensions of the space to be sure the cat's litter box will fit there. However, most of the time the cat litter box is not an issue.

Choosing the right cat litter box can be a hassle if you don't know what to look for. If you're having trouble figuring out where to begin when buying a new cat litter box, talk to your Houston veterinarian clinic. Houston veterinarian clinics are always helpful and can point you in the right direction.

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