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Scooping Dog Waste

We've all seen "those people" who take their dog for a walk and fail to scoop up their dog's waste. This is offensive to everyone, including people who don't have any dogs and people who do have dogs and do scoop up their dog's waste.

Failing to Scoop Dog Waste is Rude

Seeing dog waste on the ground is unsightly and offensive. It also smells. The worst thing that can happen when a dog owner fails to scoop their dog's waste is that it gets stepped in by another, innocent person. No one likes to have dog waste on the bottom of their shoes. Sometimes people don't even realize this dog waste is on the bottom of their shoes, and they track it into a building. This waste leaves spots on the floor that must be cleaned by someone. Not only is cleaning up dog waste from the floor a distasteful chore, but it stinks! It also stinks while it is on the bottom of the person's shoe, and it is very difficult to clean off of shoes.

Someone May Be Watching and Even Confront You

If you don't actively scoop up your dog's waste, consider that someone may be watching you when you walk away from the waste. What will you say when you are confronted? A more positive approach is to consider that you also do not want to step in dog waste, have it on your shoes, or track it into a home and have to clean it up. You don't like dog waste any more than anyone else, and the best decision is to simply resolve to scoop up the dog waste as soon as it happens.

What to do if You See Someone Not Scooping Dog Waste

If you already scoop your dog's waste, it will probably offend you when you see someone else leave their dog's waste behind while walking their dog. In today's society it is best to not confront the person, if only for safety reasons. However, if you insist on confronting the person, do it in a calm and sensible way. If their response is unpleasant (expect it to be), simply walk away.

Scooping dog waste is best for everyone, and Houston veterinarian clinics suggest you do so. It keeps unsightly dog waste off of the ground, people's shoes, and off of indoor floors. If you don't actively scoop your dog's waste, start!

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