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Preparing Your Home for a New Cat

When you are going to get a new cat, it is a fun and exciting experience, especially if there are children in the home. For kids, this is a huge learning experience, and if taught well, they could even learn to be responsible by helping the parents take care of the pet. Even if there are no children in the home, however, getting a new cat is always fun. You get to play with the new cat and watch it grow, if it's a kitten, or age, if it already an adult. The cat is going to be nervous and excited as well because it gets to play with you.

Thing to Consider

There are several things you need to do to prepare your home for your new cat. If the cat has claws and will be an indoor cat, you may consider getting them removed, or you may want to buy your new cat a scratching post. Scratching posts are posts that are designed for cats to scratch. They are made of tough material that cats enjoy. Cats claw at furniture, carper, and more to sharpen their claws. This is natural and they are not necessarily attacking your furniture when and if they claw at it. The best way to keep your new cat from clawing at your furniture is to get it de-clawed, and the next best way to keep your cat from ruining your carpet and furniture is to get them a scratching post and be sure they understand why you bought it for them. You can start them out on the scratching post by placing their claws on it. They'll naturally figure it out.

Get a Food Dish, Water Bowl, Litter Box, and Toys

Your cat is going to need a dish to eat food out of, so buy them a food dish. If there is only one cat, the bowl doesn't have to be very large. If you are away from home often, you may want to buy a cat feeder which automatically dispenses cat food to the cat's bowl. However, if your cat gains too much weight, you'll want to restrict the amount of food they eat and this will mean replacing the automatic feeder with a regular bowl.

Give Your Cat Plenty of Fresh Water

Be sure your cat has a water bowl and that it is always full of water. There are also automatic water dispensers that you can purchase. Buying one of these means that your cat's water won't always be fresh, but they will always have water.

Your Cat's Litter Box

Your cat's litter box is paramount to both the cat's happiness and your happiness. Cats will instinctively use the litter box for restroom breaks.

Cat Toys

All cats need toys. Be sure to buy several toys for your new cat to play with. Some good toys include shiny balls, toys with food in them, catnip, and balls with bells in them. There are many other types of toys you can get your new cat as well.

It is best if you are fully prepared and have purchased these items before you bring home your new cat. To find out about any other things you need to know when getting a new cat, contact your Houston veterinarian clinic.

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