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Potbellied Pigs

Potbellied pigs have only been in the United States since 1985. They were imported from Vietnam and their popularity immediately soared. Although the fad has slowed down today, they are still beloved pets in many homes.

The size of the pig is often a misnomer. Breeders will lie to prospective customers and say the pig will grow to be 25 pounds. However, a healthy pot belly pig can reach 300 pounds. Owners often become frustrating when learning they were misled.

With nutritious diet, a pot belly pig can be kept under 150 pounds. However, with the demand for smaller pigs, the industry is trying to breed them. They are called “micro-pigs” or “miniature pigs” and are similar in size to a small dog. The littler pigs are more suitable for those in smaller homes and their size makes their behavior much more manageable.

It is not uncommon for fed up owners to abandon their pets at shelters. Often the pigs become much more ravenous in their mature age while loosing the appeal of their cute piglet nature, and the owners are not happy with their pet.

The National Committee on Potbellied Pigs has information for potential owners. People need to understand the challenges as well as the benefits to keeping a pig. Pigs need to go for walks and play fetch like dogs. They also can be litter trained. Because of their demeanor, they get along well with other household pets. They do not like to be lifted but do enjoy cuddling. In contrast to popular belief, they are quite tidy and will stay clean if groomed properly.

If you are thinking of adopting a potbelly pig, consult your Houston Veterinarian Clinic today.

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