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Pet Carriers

When it comes time to travel with your pet, you should purchase a quality pet carrier. Pet carriers contain animals in a comfortable environment while keeping them safe during travel. Whether you are traveling with your pet in your car or on an airplane, it's important to keep your pet contained and out of the way.

Small pets, especially cats, love to curl up under our feet. They're so determined to end up under our feet, that they are known for diving under our feet in mid step! If you're driving and your feet are resting on the has and break pedals, your cat is very likely to curl up under those pedals, making it impossible for you to speed up or slow down. This could cause a very difficult and life threatening situation, such as when entering or exiting a highway.

If you're traveling by car, it's a good idea to place the pet carrier in the floorboard of the passenger or back seat. This will not only keep the cage out of your way, but your animal isn't in danger of being tossed around if you have to hit the breaks unexpectedly. This means that prior to purchasing your pet carrier, you should measure the inside of the floorboard to be sure it will fit.

For more help on picking out the best pet carrier, such as if you are looking into maximum comfort for your pet while on the road, contact our Houston veterinarian clinic for professional guidance.

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