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Pet Aggression

Pets are generally “adopted” by families who love pets and want to care for them. Pet lovers expect to have good times with their pets, and experience bonding and love with each other. However, problems can arise with your pet that you are unaware of, which cause the pet to become aggressive. The causes for aggression in pets is usually physical, whether due to physical abuse or medical problems. If your pet has recently become aggressive, there is very likely a medical problem at hand that can be cured by our Houston veterinarians.

Pets that have medical problems tend to feel weak and unable to defend themselves. This causes them to want to be alone, because being alone is safe. When alone, a predator is unable to attack. Although as the pet's owner you are not a predator, animals rely on their natural defense responses to protect themselves, and their behavior may not seem entirely normal to you at first.

Bringing your pet into our Houston veterinarian clinic is the first step in dealing with your pet's aggression. However, if you are afraid of the animal and don't want to attempt to bring it into our vet office, contact us today and we'll discuss the available options. Whatever we have to do to help you and your pet live normal lives is what we'll do, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Houston veterinarians have been helping pet owners with medical problems for years, and pet aggression is something we have extensive experience with. Solve your pet's aggression problems by contacting us today.

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