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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats

Do you think your cat should be an indoor or an outdoor cat? The decision is a big one for many cat owners and it takes a lot of thought to come up with the answer. Both have their own benefits and negatives, so be sure to take your time when deciding whether your new cat should be an indoor or an outdoor pet.

Indoor to Outdoor Cats

First, this decision needs to be made before you get your new cat. If you have an indoor cat and you want to make it an outdoor cat, it is not going to be very happy with you. In fact, when you put your cat outside and leave it there for an extended period of time, it may believe that you have disowned it, and run away. Or it may decide to disown you and run away to a family that wants an indoor cat and is willing to take it in.

In addition, if your indoor cat has no claws, it definitely should not be sent outside to fend for its self. There are dogs and other animals that any outdoor pet must defend itself from and cats need their claws for this purpose.

Outdoor to Indoor Cats

If you want your outdoor cat to become an indoor cat, you need to prepare yourself and your home for the changes that will come. First, the outdoor cat probably has claws to protect its self. This means that it is likely to end up scratching on your furniture and even clawing at your skin, even while just playing with you. Outdoor cats are not like indoor cats in that they do not know that they aren't allowed to scratch furniture, and they may not be aware of how sharp their claws are when playing with people.

Whether you choose to have an indoor or outdoor cat, be sure that you and the cat are well prepared for the decision. It is always best to make the decision for getting the pet. Once a cat is made a house cat, it should always remain a house cat. Outside cats are best left as outside cats but can learn to live in a warm home. For further information about indoor and outdoor cats, contact your Houston veterinarian clinic. They will have extensive information that you need about cat illnesses, diseases, and more.

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