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Does Your Dog Have a Fever?

A dog with a fever should be cared for and possibly taken to your Houston veterinarian clinic. Dogs that have a fever have many of the same symptoms that humans do. To quickly spot fever in your dog, the best thing to do is always pay close attention to them just as you would a baby, because like a baby, your dog is unable to speak and tell you what is wrong with them.

Healthy dogs have bright, cheerful eyes. If your dog's eyes are watery, red, or only half open, your dog just might have a fever. The normal temperature for a dog's body is 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit. It is possible to get a quick assessment of your dog's temperature by touching their nose, hair, or the back of their ears. If your dog has a fever, these areas will be very warm. Although this quick assessment can be quite accurate, the best way to know if your dog has a fever is to take their temperature with a thermometer, rectally. If your dog's temperature is above or below the normal range, consider taking it to the Houston veterinarian clinic.

Symptoms of Dog Fever

Additional dog fever symptoms include painful movement, bloody stools, loose stools, diarrhea, vomiting, and even scratching. If you already provide your dog with adequate nutrition, some rest may be just what the vet ordered. If you are not overly concerned with the dog's temperature and believe it may go away soon, allow your dog to rest. A fever is a rise in blood cell activity that is trying to fight off something that is foreign and unhealthy to the body. This activity requires energy and can make your dog tired. They should rest because the dog's body needs their energy to provide an efficient attack on the cause of the fever.

If your dog does not become cured of their fever in a short period of time, or if their symptoms worsen in any way, take your dog to the "Houston veterinarian clinic" for the best possible care.

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