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Children and Cats

Children and cats usually go well together and enjoy being around each other. Cats love people and children, and children usually love cats. Children can even learn to be responsible by helping you with taking care of the cat.

Teach Children Responsibility With the Family Cat

As you know, there are numerous things you have to do when you have a cat. The cat litter has to be replaced, which means either emptying the litter box and replacing it with new litter, or by scooping the litter box once a day or maybe once a week. The cat also must be fed and given plenty of water. This means monitoring the cat food and the cat's water to not only is sure it has them but that those items are fresh. It's best to change your cat's water every day even if it hasn't drunk it all, to insure it has a healthy, fresh supply of water. All of these things can be a stressful addition to your life as a busy, working adult, and teaching your children to look after the pets will relieve you of this burden as well as teach them important responsibility skills.

Teach Children How to Handle Cats

Be sure to explain to your children how they should handle your cat. When a new cat is first brought into a home, children who are not used to cats, especially toddlers, are prone to pet the cat too roughly, or squeeze it when they pick it up. Cats can be moody as well, and may even get upset when picked up. Teach your children to be gentle with the cat so that the cat is not upset and also so that your children don't get scratched when the cat feels that it is in danger.

Teach Children Respect for the Cat

Teach your children to respect the cat, such as when it is eating or sleeping. Cat's should be left to sleep and not bothered. They general do not like to be pet when they are eating, as well.

By teaching your children about the cat and encouraging them to play and spend time together, your children may form a warm bond with your cat and even learn responsibility in the process. For further advice on children and cats, contact your Houston veterinarian clinic.

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