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Cats and Car Engine Dangers

If you live in Houston, you know just how cold it can get in the winter. The weather makes it difficult for many animals to survive outdoors, and cats are no exception. In their attempt to stay warm during the cold winter months, cats sometimes climb into car engines to sleep. This is a serious hazard to their health, but they seem to be unaware of this, or maybe just willing to take the risk. As car owners, it is our responsibility to make sure that no cats are in our car engines before starting them up during the winter.

It may seem difficult to find out if cats are in your car engine before starting it up and heading to work in the morning. No one wants to get their hands dirty early in the morning, right before they begin their day. Fortunately it isn't necessary to get your hands dirty, as long as you find the cats before starting up your car engine.

Car engines are warm long after they are turned off, and it's this warmth that attracts cats to sleep under your hood. In order to find out if they're under there, simply bang on your hood before getting in your car. You don't want to bang hard enough to dent the hood, of course, but you do want to bang loud enough to alert and frighten any cats that are under your hood.

If any cats are under there when you bang on your hood, they should run out, along the ground. Failing to alert cats before starting up your car engine can quickly result in death for all cats inside the engine, primarily from heat and fan blades. Please take this small but necessary precaution before starting up your engine on cold mornings. You may regret it if you don't.

If a cat or other animal is injured under your car hood, contact our Houston veterinarian clinic right away for immediate help.

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