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Benefits of a Kennel

Dogs are naturally den animals. Therefore, if introduced properly, a plastic or wire kennel can provide a secure haven for them. It’s nice for a refuge to be available to your dog when he wants to escape from a high level of activity or wants a quiet place to sleep. Having a kennel for your pet can be very beneficial.

Kennels/dens are very useful in house training. Puppies will not want to soil an appropriately sized kennel, and therefore, they can be helpful in teaching the dog to control their bladder. A kennel will reduce the time it takes to train the puppy and the number of accidents they have. The kennel should allow just enough space for the dog to lie down but no more. With this technique, the house training should be accomplished within 10 to 14 days.

The kennel also helps to protect the puppy and your valued house. The kennel will not allow the puppy to form bad habits, such as chewing on furniture, when you’re not around. As an adult, the dog will most likely enjoy the kennel as well. He will treat it as his own personal home and not resent it. It will be his private, restful place and offer security.

Kennels are also useful for traveling. It is easier and safer to travel with your pet inside a kennel. It is not good to have them jumping up in the car.

If you would like more information on the benefits of a kennel for your dog, contact a Houston Veterinarian Clinic today.

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